El Camino de Santiago, 2013

El Camino de Santiago, 2013



I have cleared three ancestral homes and, in so doing, learned that what we possess, in turn, possesses us. I offer workshops, private sessions, and coaching support in the energetics of space to help you see the path forward and to make room for what you truly value.

I will guide you through a gentle, intuitive process to help you recognize your physical space as an external reflection of your internal state:

  • What are you hiding in corners and drawers?

  • What is “gathering dust”? What have you “swept under the rug”?

  • What overwhelms you? What are you avoiding?

  • What are you holding onto that no longer serves? What is broken, redundant?

By examining these questions, we can begin to understand our relationship with the objects in our lives as a reflection of our relationship with the self. By clearing our living space of objects that vibrate at the frequency of obligation, confusion, and/or fear, we simultaneously clear internal blockages, release subconscious patterns of thought, and transmute negative emotions.

Depending on your needs and budget, we can work together through video calls and/or home visits to transform your physical environment and open your creative channels.

By letting go of what no longer serves, we make space for what we truly desire.


by making space in our physical environment,

we can clear our psychic and emotional landscape

to see the path forward

photo by Emily Dryden

photo by Emily Dryden




I am a writer and teacher with 15 years of experience in the healing arts. Through my own spiritual and creative practices, I have discovered simple rituals to clear and dissolve energetic blocks and am excited to share these techniques with my clients.

I have been practicing yoga and meditation since 2004 and worked with a Romani healer for five years (2012-2017), studying crystal healing and energetic exchange.

I hold a BA and MFA in the Literary Arts from Brown University and a PhD in English & Creative Writing from the University of Denver. For over a decade, I have taught literature and writing at the college and graduate level, to students of all ages and all walks of life. I am the author of the poetry collection My Sister’s Father and THE BIRDHOUSE, a novel in process.

As we move into 2020, I am focused on clearing the way for my personal and creative realization by helping you clear the way to yours.



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